Event date is April 27,2024 Award ceremony : 19:00 / 23:00

Event date is: April 27,2025
Award ceremony: 19:00 / 23:00

Rules & Terms


The following is an explanation of the Rules and Guidelines governing film submissions to the 2023 International İstanbul Short Film & The Writer’s Journey Festival.. Compliance with these Rules and Guidelines is necessary in order to participate in the Film Festival. Submission of a film implies unconditional acceptance of the Rules & Guidelines, therefore, please carefully read through the Rules prior to submitting your film. If you have any questions, please contact the International İstanbul Short Film Fest / The Writer’s Journey Festival : setenayuruc@gmail.com

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Festival About

From all over the world, the International Istanbul Short Film Festival / the Writer’s Journey is preparing to embrace everyone who is creative, original, brave and has a problem to express.
You can be sure that we will help your story get a chance to stand out and overcome sectoral challenges.
Every idea has the luxury of being seen and appreciated.
It may be your first work, or you may be an experienced one. You can be assertive in composition and colors. At the Writer’s Journey, for the first time, non-budgeted filmmakers will be screened together with famous talents and experienced professionals having multi-million dollar budgets at the most eclectic film festival anywhere in the world.
This year, our organizations will be opening their doors with a surprise ceremony where you can experience the magical atmosphere of Istanbul. We will be happy to share your excitement while welcoming our guests from all over the world. We would like you to be sure that we will be there and help you whenever you want. Let’s get together!
A note for all the candidates competing in the national category: Your projects will be evaluated carefully.
The world of short films is as vast as an ocean and your competitors are much more than you think. The purpose of the foundation of our festival is to increase the chance of the potential you want to reveal and to be on your side regarding the issues you want to express. Be sure that each application will be evaluated devotedly.
While we do not want to put limits on the application categories, we tried to make the platform as free as possible so that they can be evaluated as broadly as possible.
We are aware that the path you have taken with your issue is full of difficult and courageous themes. We hope that we can create memories of walking together on your life journey.

As an additional and important category, we wanted to include a Vegan themed category related to animal rights. In our world where global warming, challenging pandemic conditions and economic processes are not going well, we will be looking forward to your works that will reveal our awareness. The grief of the world triggers us all at some point. We are all connected to each other by invisible threads, and it is our responsibility to make the cosmic bond healthy in relation to the grief of the world. We find this issue important at the festival.

While aiming for a spectacular night that includes an awards ceremony, International Istanbul Short Film & the Writer’s Journey will make the pre-selection on a monthly basis. Each month’s selections will be shortlisted for a grand elimination at the end of the year, and finally, from these, the finalists will be selected.



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Rules & Terms 
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