Note From The Festival Director

In its primitive form, in the jungle villages of the broad equatorial belt stretching from Africa to the east, through India to Southeast Asia, from the Ocean to Brazil; It is known that there is no birth and death, but both exist with his murder, telling a dream-like beginning time. Brings an image from incalculable times to our contemporary world. And I understand that a lot of people don’t know about what’s going on. In my opinion, a person who knows cannot stop without reaction. Animal abuse and the evil in this area do not exist only in industrial areas. Unfortunately, it exists in villages, in the countryside, or rather, in most places that have animals. What I have to do in this regard is to use the power of the cinema in their favor in the country I live in and all over the world. The power of art is fully realized here. Because the artist’s word is listened to more, and reaches the masses as a result of the films he has made or the works he has done. And if man knows where to use his talent/power, for whom or for what matter, then collective responsibilities will be fulfilled. As an additional and important category, we wanted to include a Vegan themed category related to animal rights. In our world where global warming, challenging pandemic conditions and economic processes are not going well, we will be looking forward to your works that will reveal our awareness. The grief of the world triggers us all at some point. We are all connected to each other by invisible threads, and it is our responsibility to make the cosmic bond healthy in relation to the grief of the world. We find this issue important at the festival.